Announcement: Moving to A New Home (with A New Name!)

Hello friends,
Some of you might notice that I’ve posted less and less in the last couple of weeks/months. So let’s me explain. Most of it is real life getting in the way of my blogging (and by real life, I might or might not mean Pokemon Go). Some part of it though is because I’ve been busy building a new home for Geek Apprentice. Only it would not be called Geek Apprentice anymore. Yes, you read that right, my little blog is moving to a new home. I decided to take the risk and go self-hosting. On August 17th, 2016, my old/new blog will go live at:



Why the new name (let’s pretend someone asked me that question, okay)?
I made geekapprentice when I was a random blogger not knowing what to talk about. I mostly blogged about what suits my fancy at that time (programming, web development, etc); hence, the name. As a book blog, it just didn’t suit the content so I went searching for a new name. Due to my paranoia of infringing a patented name, I decided to go with after much deliberation.

“But I left you some really long comments on geekapprentice. Will they be gone?” imaginary-person asked.
Nope. I would not let that happen. I mean, you took your time to leave me wonderful comments, read/liked my post, sent me pingbacks, etc, and I loved you all for doing it so I will not let them all just disappear from the cyberspace. Thankfully, wordpress has a handy export/import tools that allows me (anyone, really) to easily move to a self-hosted site. So, rest assured that your wonderful comments will move to a new home also.

Do I need to re-follow the new blog?
Wonderful people, I’m flattered you still want to follow my blog even with the possibility it turns out to be even messier than this one. However, the great people at wordpress created a tool to move my followers too. It should happen automatically and you wouldn’t even notice it (okay, you probably would). If you follow my blog on Bloglovin, I will also transfer you to the new address so you don’t have to do anything.

Of course, this all could go awry and I will end up with no posts, no comments, and no followers. So is life. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does… well, fresh start, I guess.

What will happen to
I will take down all of my old posts besides this one you’re currently reading. As for the blog itself, I will leave it up for some time. Maybe I will turn it back to my personal blog, or maybe I will delete it in a couple of year. Short version: idk. Lol.

Okay, thank you for reading my imaginary conversation there. On to the good stuff. As a blogwarming party, I’m going to host a giveaway. The giveaway will be hosted on rafflecoper and one winner (chosen randomly) will get $25 credits on bookdepository. It opens internationally as long as bookdepository ships to your country. Details will be posted on on the same day as the site launch. So, I hope you stay tuned for that.

Alright. This has been a very long announcement post and the imaginary reader is tired of reading so I’ll stop now. See you on the other site.


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